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Graphic Designing

Graphic design may connote designing visuals using some software. Practically, graphic design entails a lot of decisions in designing UX using visual elements.

These decisions that include, but not limited to, typography, photography, iconography, and illustration determine whether the user interface would be appealing or off-putting. At STEP TECH, we understand the principles of design and the interaction of the visual elements in designing adorable visuals.





What does your brand stand for? Brand identity is how your consumer perceives your product. Do you want to decipher all the elements that this perception is composed of? And combine all those elements into a visual cue that instantly reminds consumers of positive qualities associated with your brand? Such is the power of a perfectly designed brand logo. But brand specialists know for a fact that it is easier said than done. At STEP TECH, we have a set of questions that uncover all the information necessary in choosing the right color, shape, and design. Next, our graphic designers apply their designing skills and latest software in creating sample logos and share these with you.
In short, you can expect logos from STEP TECH that identify with your product and brand persona. Are you looking for a logo that is refreshing, memorable, and blends right in with your product quality? Just press this blue button at the bottom right and let us know.



White papers are increasingly being used on social media by B2B sectors as a powerful tool for lead generation. Usually, an authoritative document that is accompanied by supportive research. Without the support of graphic design, white paper usually becomes a long and dry piece of content. Since potential customers are first appealed by the design than the content and it also includes graphs, charts, tables, and other visual cues, graphic design can transform the impact of white paper. At STEP TECH, we bear all these facts to mind before designing white paper.

If you are looking for a white paper design that conveys sophistication, reliability, and experience, let STEP TECH consult with you.


In this age of information overload, Infographics (compound of information and graphics) has proven to be a very creative and powerful tool to not only attract attention but also retain information. But not all Infographics make the desired impact. Using the latest software for graphic design, most designers end up making viewers focus on graphic design rather than the substance. The graphic design is perfect but the data gets distorted, lacks coherence, or makes it too complicated, etc.



At STEP TECH, we design flyers and brochures by keeping the purpose and cost into consideration.
We design flyers according to a standard size (8.5″ x 11″) and one side print. We choose fonts, colors, and pictures considering the quickness and conciseness of the message. Since flyers are mostly distributed by hand and unsolicited, STEP TECH designs flyers so that they appeal at the first look and prompt people to read.


Brochures are usually C-fold (tri-folding) or gatefold (two-fold); both sides print and have custom sizes. Designers have more leverage in terms of creativity and technology. Since brochures are usually distributed once a prospect has shown an initial interest in your product/service, STEP TECH designs brochures with a color theme, fonts, and creativity that go with your brand identity.


Frequent Asked Questions


Generally, we follow the below steps:

  • We have an introductory discussion with the client in which we gather project details.
  • We develop a document we call design brief that contains client’s requirements prepared from the details thus gathered.
  • Based on the design brief, we brainstorm with our graphic designers for ideas, design techniques and software to be used.
  • Our graphic designers get to work and come up with 2 – 3 design concepts
  • Client selects one design concept closest to their requirement which is further fine-tuned by the designer. Our designers are available to rework until the client is satisfied.

STEP TECH always strives to adapt to the latest software in the market. We are fluent in all Adobe Suites especially the following:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign

STEP TECH transfers copyright to the client right after the full payment. However, we only use the work in communicating our portfolio for promotional purposes.

We may provide the design on a CD or a high resolution PDF whichever convenient, after the payment is made in full.

We may provide the design on a CD or a high resolution PDF whichever convenient, after the payment is made in full.

After the introductory meeting we ask our client to sign a contract and submit 50% of the design fee in advance to kick-start the project. This secures client’s seriousness and STEP TECH’s commitment to the project. According to the specific scenario, we recommend receiving the remainder of the payment in two phases. First 25% is received in the mid of the project and the other 25% once the design is final.

Maximum 3 reworks are allowed into the design concept chosen by the client. Any rework beyond that will add surcharge. This additional surcharge will depend upon the level and number of changes requested.

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