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Mobile applications are all the rage these days.

We come across hundreds of new applications every time we visit app stores, yet only a handful of those applications tick.

Many of the mobile applications vanish from our attention in a matter of days. Some survive for a short period. However, there are a few that become almost a permanent part of installed applications in our mobiles. A selected few of these applications make it to the front screens in our mobiles and perhaps a part of our frequently used applications’ folder.



Most clients are so carried away by their idea and the revolution they expect to bring that they avoid asking themselves fundamental questions: Does this mobile application fulfill a significant need such as entertainment, money, information, IQ, etc. or is it just a worthless addition to the millions of applications surrounding the app stores? Are there similar mobile applications already catering to the need? If yes, how would you differentiate?


Execution: It contains all the steps involved in bringing your mobile application idea into reality. Our technical team of mobile application developers has a storehouse of predetermined codes that underlie features developed over the years for different Android, IOS, and hybrid mobile applications.

Experience : UI, UX, and CX are our top considerations. With our evidence-based approach, we will help you choose the features and interface that your customers would love..


We do not stop at this. We ensure that your mobile application also appears at the top in the category in search results and hits download targets. Here we work with our clients as consultants in helping them make informed decisions about the SEO through prior insights, interactions with, and feedback from their fan base. It gives you a competitive edge.

So how does it happen?

Is it just a coincidence that some applications hit millions of downloads and appear at the top in the search results?

At STEP TECH, our team of professional mobile application developers have learned first-hand and will show you that it happens by design. It is both art and science.


Frequent Asked Questions

Over the years, STEP TECH has had a lot of communication with clients while developing mobile apps for various industries. There are some common questions that clients usually ask when they are doing their research for the most suitable app developer. We have answered those questions to save your time before you decide to contact us:


Well! The only way to gauge the practicality is to test the idea with prospects in real-time. For this, we recommend you create a prototype with basic functionalities.

Most app development agencies are capable of developing apps with basic functionality. The more complex the idea, the more time wasted in communication and in developing technical capability required to meet it the demand.
With a decade’s experience in developing mobile apps, we have sifted through problems that arise. In the process, we have learned to manage development teams and get acquainted with legacy systems for proper support and integration.

At STEP TECH things happen systematically. We do not just accept orders and decide later how we need to go about it.
We first sit with our client to chalk out the requirements and double-check with them to avoid any ambiguity. The requirement document, coupled with our experience, quickly enables us to give a reality check to the client as to the assumptions, target users, similar apps, and additional features, etc.

STEP TECH transfers copyrights as soon as you make the final payment. You deserve the right to own the source code involved in building your app.

STEP TECH transfers copyrights as soon as you make the final payment. You deserve the right to own the source code involved in building your app.

Although we can give you a ballpark figure on the first interaction via call or email. This figure is an educated guess rather than a random number and will help you decide whether you have the budget and would want to proceed with us.
However, the final cost of the app may be higher or lower than this ballpark figure depending on the following factors:

  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Development
  • Testing
  • App integration with systems

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