Is a picture worth a thousand words? At STEP TECH, we believe that if we shoot professionally, it could be worth more.’

A high definition product image does not only show your product to the consumer. It also communicates quality. Until a consumer finally has your product physically available, they will gauge the quality of your product by the quality of your product image, especially in online businesses. Photos influence the consumer decision-making process and ultimately have an impact on conversion rates.

In this fast-paced world with a lot on plate and not enough time, consumers look for quick modes to gather information.

Since the mind stores information in visuals, consumers naturally draw towards images. It is probably the reason why most marketing materials and advertisements (ATL or BTL) use images.

Whether a photo studio, on-site or outdoor shoot, our product photography employs the latest technology and photography techniques to provide you a photo gallery that covers your product from all relevant angles with compatible backdrops and edit it for saturation. Our special photography service packages for E-commerce product pages, social media, and blogs offer the right mix of white background and in-context photos. With the right image sequences, we will furnish your product page and posts with images designed to entice visitors into making a purchase. Finally, we ensure that the product photos maintain uniformity across your product line.

Product Photography Process






Frequently Asked Questions

Product Photography:

What kind of products do you shoot?

We shoot all the products that you would find on an e-commerce website

How much information do you need about the shoot to get started?

Before you sign a contract with STEP TECH, there are at least the following things we need to know:

  • Number of shots
  • Product(s) description
  • Group shots, if any.
  • Any shooting specifications like angles, product placement, shot straight on, etc. to make sure that the photos meet your vision.
  • Transparency, silhouette, clipping path
  • Drop show, cast shadow, reflection
  • Final image format

In the case of limited information, we use our judgment for creative direction. Our photographers are professionals with exposure to handling hundreds of clients and hundreds of shoots. We would still insist you provide as much information as you possibly can because there is a slight chance that some product shots may not meet your expectations.

Can you help me in figuring out how I would like my products photographed?

Yes, we can. Just drop us a message or contact us for a detailed discussion.

Will you send my products back to me after you photograph them?

Yes, we will. We will include shipping charges on the bill for sending your products back.

How do you determine pricing?

Our pricing usually depends on the following factors:

  • Single item shot
  • Multiple item groupings
  • Background selection
  • Product type (hard goods, soft goods, clothing, jewelry)
  • Total number of products shot

How do I download my images?

After the product shoot is complete, we will provide you a link to download your images. We prefer to send the images via Dropbox (www.dropbox .com).

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 6 – 7 days. However, we also accommodate urgencies in 2 – 4 days after factoring in the pricing.

Product Videography:

What is the purpose of the video?

It is quite common for companies to go for a video production out of a formality to showcase on their website. Since there is space on the website or competitors displaying their products on a video does not justify investing your resources into video production.

‘What doesn’t go in your favor goes against you.’ Without a well-thought-out purpose, you are likely to deliver a confusing message that is worse than not having a video.

At STEP TECH, we ask several questions to go into details and make sure that you have a definite purpose in mind that determines “What you plan to achieve by producing this video?”

Who is your target audience?

This question seems understood yet it does not get the attention it should.
We ask a lot of questions to examine the target audience.

  • Who are they? What is their persona i.e. a decision-maker, influencer, or neither?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • What age groups are they?
  • What is their motivation?

Answering these and many other questions in our questionnaire helps us in considering the tone of the message, visuals, music, and the surroundings so that the final video delivers your message in a way that resonates with your target audience.

What are your key messages?

Many companies make the mistake of communicating everything in the video and fail to communicate nothing valuable at all.

Through researches, it has been identified that our attention is limited, and can remember only seven items in one go. If this is true, then it is vital to control the urge and keep the message clear. Less is more.

Where will the video be shot?

Depending on the story you are telling, the shoot may be on location like your company head office, factory, or outdoors. Or the video may be shot in our studio space if it requires a green screen or white background.

Where will the video be hosted?

Are you going to host the video on a specific event, social media, or email campaign?

  • If you are hosting the video on a specific event, your audience is there to watch the video
  • If you are hosting the video on social media, we recommend creating and publishing a teaser of the full video on social video. Then, there should be a link to the full video on the website.
  • If you are hosting the video on an email campaign, you will need a hosting platform and the link to be copied and pasted on the emails.

How much time will the video production take?

By answering the first five questions, as soon as you communicate your vision and help us define the scope of the project; we can determine the turnaround time. On the other hand, if you share your ideal timeline with our video team, they can check and come back with what is possible provided the time constraints.

How much will the video production cost?

Just like turnaround time, the cost depends upon the complexity of the project. The more complex and in-depth the vision, the higher will be the length of time, number of people, number of locations and gear involved, ultimately the greater the cost. Minimizing these resources will keep the cost low.

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