Although product photo and product video have their definite purpose and benefits in promoting products,

we have more creative leverage in displaying a product with the help of video, and the overall impact of product videos exceeds that of product images in various ways.

A video demonstrates the product almost as it would appear in real life. Hence the element of relatability, reliability, and retention are incomparable. You can also trigger emotions with the help of movement and sound to associate the product with a customer. That said, many product videos fail to serve the purpose, often at a significant cost.

The failure is often at the part of the video producer failing to know about your company, understand the purpose of the video, address your target audience, consider the budget and decide on the type and length of the video, etc.

At STEP TECH, we consult whether making a product video is even necessary. Next, we have detailed meetings with our clients to gather all the background information. Later we brainstorm with our team for creative ideas and then come up with a detailed proposal that includes, but is not limited to, our understanding of your company, the purpose of making the product video, target audience, content, and type of product video.

The final product video will be based on the original idea with a clear message, using the right context, containing a call to action (if necessary), and delivered within the timelines.

Product Videography Process

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