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At the dramatic turn of events post-COVID-19, the video game industry saw an impressive surge both in watch time and playtime.

Recent lockdown, with people locked inside their homes with nothing much to do, has added fans to the consumer base. And even if the rate of addition might decrease after the crisis is over, experts foresee that a lot of consumers would have introduced themselves to this new norm of ‘stay home, stay safe, play video game’. In this scenario, investing in video game development presents endless opportunities.

From writing the content and designing the gameplay to programming and developing the game, STEP TECH supports the client until the game is ready to ship.


Do you have a promising game concept that you would like to bring to life? Now is the right time.

High specialization: As more powerful game concepts are being executed to introduce consumers to a new level of challenges faster than ever before, computers and consoles upgraded accordingly. To adapt to the trend, STEP TECH decided to maintain a specialized team of game designers and game developers separately without losing project coordination.

Approach: We develop customized games for all operating systems and screens. Be it Windows PC, Web, iOS, or Android: we enhance the user experience by being very attentive to the platform to produce highly engaging games.
Game Engine
We prefer Unity for mobile-based games and Real Engine for desktop-based games.
Programming Language
C# for main gameplay, HLSL for shader programming, Python for server-side coding, any other languages may be used on a need basis.

Frequent Asked Questions


Video games are complex systems requiring several key components to work in unison including coding, audio, 3D modeling, and much more. Each video game requires its own unique mix of the aforementioned elements. Due to this, the exact cost of a game can only be stated after we are provided with a game design document (GDD) to review. However, for a very rough ballpark estimate, you can consider the following sample pricings:

  • Infinite runners (Subway surfer/temple run style): AUD 2000-3000
  • Hyper casual games such as color switch: AUD 1000-2000
  • 3D single-player first-person shooter (FPS) with 20 missions/maps (with story mode): AUD 5000-1000
  • 3D Multiplayer first-person shooter with 20 maps (Example: Counter Strike GO, no story mode): AUD 8000-12000
  • 3D Battle Royale Format multiplayer games (such as PUBG): AUD 10,000-15,000

Again, these are rough pricings and there could be significant variation in them.

Like cost, time too is very hard to estimate without reviewing the game design document. However, here are a few ballpark estimates to give you some idea

  • Infinite runners: 1-3 months
  • Hyper Casual games: 1-2 months
  • 3D single-player first-person shooter with 20 missions/maps: 6-8 months
  • 3D Multiplayer (no story mode) first-person shooter with 20 maps: 10-12 months.
  • Battle Royale format: 8-12 months

Before we start to develop the videogame, you will need to provide us with a Game Design Document (GDD). GDD contains a detailed outline of your game, including central idea, rules of the game, details of color theme, art style, sketches of sample scenes, and more. If you do not have a GDD ready, we can assist you in developing one, for an additional upfront cost.

Once we have a GDD, our team will review it and get back to you with cost and time estimates for the game. If you choose to proceed with hiring us, we expect some advance payment (typically between 10 and 20%). We expect the remainder of payment divided into tranches that are to be released in milestones, for example, 10% on completion of all the 3D models. Another 10% on audio work, and so on. The exact milestone breakdown will vary from project to project. After completion of all milestones, the final remaining payment can be released once all deliverables have been handed over by us. Typically this remaining amount is up to 20% of the total project cost.

Yes! In fact, we prefer it this way. A lot of our clients are artists and designers who hire us to bring their art to life. Feel free to get in touch with us and discuss what arrangement you have in mind.

Short answer: yes, we can if needed.

Long answer: While Unreal Engine is an excellent game engine and provides brilliant visual effects for AAA quality games and other projects that require high realism, we have found it to be an overkill for most of the projects that our clients ask us to develop. Due to this, we generally use Unity for a majority of our projects. However, if needed, we can develop your game in Unreal Engine too.

Yes of course! There would be no point in paying us to build your game if you can’t make money with those games. We can integrate Admob advertisements, in-app purchases, and/or subscription systems to make your games commercially feasible. Or if you have any other monetization schemes in mind, we can work with you on those as well.

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